Born 1984, lives and works in Vienna. Michaela Putz studied Art & Science at the University of Applied Art and Communication and Political Science in Vienna. In her works, she is interested in the self-image of humans in times of ongoing virtualization. She examines the reflections on the surfaces of contemporary communication technology, searching for the contrast between the warm and alive human bodies leaving stains of fat and dirt on the sleek and cool surfaces of the screens. In her photographic works, she captures and transforms the smudged traces we leave on those screen through our bodily interaction with these machines. Through the reflections, layers are being added to create images of mystical black mirrors. Her works have been exhibited in various shows, exhibitions include: Künstlerhaus Wien, WUK, Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL), VBKÖ, Blütengasse 9, BETON7 in Athens (Athens Photo Festival 2018) and Showroom Ruby Marie in Vienna. She received grants from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.


Michaela Putz is member of the collective 280A Artspace

Selected works are available at ARCC.art






Traces of Seemingly Insignificant Gestures at the Ars Electronica Festival 2018 // Error - The Art of Imperfection

6. – 10. September 2018, Linz

Bildrecht - Gallery Space, Post City, Ground Floor



With 280A artist collective Unseen Amsterdam's CO-OP

Presenting an installation created in collaboration within 12 or their artists, 280A proposal for Unseen Amsterdam's CO-OP deals with the significance of the collective in times of progressive individualization, virtualization and ongoing fragmentation, but also with the idea of intensity in arts and culture.

September 21-23 in Amsterdam



2014 - 2017, Master student Art & Science with Virgil Widrich, University of Applied Arts, Vienna; finished June 2017

2011 - 2013, Printmaking class at the Vienna Art School

2002 - 2007, Communication science and political science, University Vienna, finished June 2007




2016, Folding Landscapes, NOUS, Vienna




"Just a little bit... respect" - Exhibition of the 18th EU-Art Network Artist Symposium, Cselley Mühle Oslip, Burgenland

The Infernal Machine, BETON7 (Athens Photo Festival), Athen/Griechenland

Studio visit of Kunsthalle K2



ARCC.art Christmas Shopping - ARCC.art , Kaiserstraße 76, Vienna

SQUARING THE CIRCLE PT.2: ‚LIQUID LANDSCAPES‘ with Christiane Peschek, Cihad Caner, Claudio Reis, Isidora Krstic, Victor Galleguillos, Andreas Werner, Fernando Maselli, 280A Artspace - Showroom Ruby Marie, Vienna- Ruby Marie Hotel Showroom, Vienna

The Essence, Annual exhibition of the University of Applied Arts – Alte Post, Vienna

Diploma exhibition – Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna

ARCC.art - Kaiserstraße, Vienna

Hands On - TransArts Department, Vienna



Breaking Patterns - impact hub vienna

Non-Lieux - Johnstraße 31, Vienna

[dis]placement, Information through Sound - Citygate, Vienna

Ethereal Synthesis - Gathering of the Church of Genetic Entanglement - grundsteinsieben, Vienna

Junge Kunst - OHO, Oberwart

Open House - University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Raum & Objekt - University of Applied Arts, Vienna



TERRITORY - Blütengasse 9, Vienna

Changing Worlds Conference 2015 - Palais Strozzi, Vienna

TEDxViennaSalon CITYx - MAK, Vienna

 IT IS 3 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, Aesthetic Insurgency - Blütengasse 9, Vienna

Junge Kunst international - OHO Oberwart, Burgenland

CONSEQUENTIAL CHOICES, Versions of Atlas Making - AIL (Angewandte Innovation Lab), Vienna



Innovationspreistage .14 - WUK, Vienna

The Balls Are Ours - VBKÖ, Vienna



Krieg gegen Kinder - Künstlerhaus, Vienna

Barfuß auf Seide - Korea Kulturhaus, Vienna



2018, Shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival 2018

2017, Grant of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

2015, Project Grant of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

2014, 2nd place of Innovationspreis der IG Kultur Wien for the collective project „Krieg gegen Kinder“



2018, eu-art network Artist Symposium, Oslip, Burgenland

2018, Artist Residency at Joya:AiR in Andalusia, Spain

2018, Artist Residency/Symposium in Cassis, France, with 280A Artspace

2016, Artist Residency at Hangar in Lisbon, Portugal



2018, Sentimental Defense, 280A, Issue #3

2018, Courage, Courage, Elevate Festival Magazine, 280A

2017 Squaring the Circle Pt. 2: Liquid Landscape, 280A, Issue #2



2018, Interview with SONDER.BIO